Episode 15 - Kurt Conrad PDGA Ratings

September 11, 2017

Kurt Conrad is back! This time he lets me pick his brain about PDGA ratings and how the system works behind the scenes. I was pretty confused about what the PDGA was doing to calculate my and others ratings. I now have a better understanding of what the PDGA does and why they do it thanks to Kurt. I hope you can learn a thing or 2 and know a bit more about what goes into your rating.

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Episode 14 - Mitch Rainey Co-Owner of NorthStar Disc Golf

September 1, 2017

Today I've got Mitch Rainey, Co-owner of NorthStar Disc Golf, an up-and-coming disc golf company who has been making their name in the last couple of years running non-sanctioned tournaments but this year has been huge for NorthStar. They've recently opened up a brick-and-mortor store in Mason City as well as running a series of 8 tournaments with a series finally. Join Mitch and I as he tells me how NorthStar came to be and how he, his brother Alan Cooper and friend Ryan Kilborn, plan to continue to grow.

Head over to their facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/northstardiscgolf/) to keep up to date on the latest from NortStar and to stay ahead of their upcoming tournaments like the Hans Schroeder Memorial in Mason City at East Park on September 17th.

If you're ever in the Mason City area drop by their shop at 18 S Commercial Alley Mason City, Iowa, IA 50401 where Alan can help you spend your hard earned cash.

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Episode 13 - ProFlight Eastern Iowa’s Kurt Conrad

August 25, 2017

Joining me this week is the co-owner of ProFlight Eastern Iowa and co-coordinator for for the Iowa Tour, a man who goes by the name of Kurt Conrad. Get to know Kurt and his disc golf past, future and present here in Iowa. And with the Des Moines Open quickly approaching we place our bets and try and make our picks for this weekends winners. We also try and decipher whether it's the basket or the player who is to blame for spit outs. Come and hang out with Kurt and Connor today on the PnA Radio podcast.

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Episode 12 - Disc Golf Pro Tour Standings, Recent and Upcoming Events

August 16, 2017

Got a few things to talk about this week on the podcast. Kind of cramming a few different things into this episode. This week I've decided to take a look at some players and where they stand in the Disc Golf Pro Tour series according to their points system. I also look forward to the next DGPT event, the Idlewild Open down in Burlington Kentucky as well as spinning back the clock to the Ledgestone Insurance Open where I discuss who won and how. I also get into some of the complaints about the Ledgestone and what I and other players think should be changed for future events. This episode is more along the lines of tournament coverage which aren't my favorite to address solo but I did my best and editted out a lot of "uhm" and awkward pauses as to enhance your listening experience. Thanks for listening and I hope you enjoy the show!

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Episode 11 - Tournament Poop and Preparation

July 21, 2017

HERE IT IS! Finally I've returned to recording (Sorry about the break). What I've got for you today is a request from a couple listeners and that's tournament preparation. Why should you play a tournament? What should I do before I play a tournament? What can I expect? It's all here and I'm gonna tell you what I do to get prepared for tournaments. Remember it's personal preference and what works for each individual so find your flow and jam it. So get your bag together and put your pants on 'cause we're going to play a tournament today.

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Episode 10 - The Dude Behind The Disc Golf Dude

May 3, 2017

As I was thinking about how I was going to continue this podcast I realized I just don't have the time to keep up with the tournament scene so for the second week in a row I have invited a guest to join me to tell me about their journey in disc golf. My guest this week is Pat LaPage the Disc Golf Dude; a super cool guy that loves the sport on the same level as I do and wants to grow it exponentially. Well known for his amazing giveaways that just keep getting better. I'm honored to be joined by Pat this week on the podcast. Find The Disc Golf Dude on facebook at facebook.com/TheDiscGolfDude and share the heck out of it!

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Episode 9 - Tricia Lafferty Recollects GBO

April 28, 2017

Fellow Team Infinite teammate Tricia Lafferty joins me and we talk about the Glass Blown Open. She recalls her visit to Emporia Kansas for the 2015 GBO and all the good things that come with it! Listen to her talk about what she remembers outside of her solid play. We also make some guesses as to who will take down the 2017 GBO which is underway. Had a great time getting to know Tricia and I hope she convinces you to make it down to Emporia for the Glass Blown as she has done for me.



Episode 8 - Rainy Days and Nick Hyde Preview

March 31, 2017

Episode 8 has me joining Jacob Mott to share some tips on how to prepare and fare in some of the worst conditions to play in, wind and rain. After we reflect on our own rounds at The Colfax Classic this last weekend, we get into some of the tournaments I've missed in the last couple weeks. Waco, The Open at Tallahasee and Temple all get a quick review and we talk about the winners of those events and what they'll bring to their next tournament in Rockwall, kicking off today (March 31st). Listen for how you can win the ABC discs 'The Mission' disc.

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Episode 7 - Memorial Recap and The Waco Charity Open Picks

March 16, 2017

Once again we are joined by Jake Lauber to discuss the Memorial Championship Presented By Discraft. There was a lot of controversy surrounding Ricky Wysocki and his score cards for the week. Jake and I give our 2 cents, Jake as a Pro and myself as a Am, on the situation. Paul McBeth and Simon Lizotte raced to the finish line and I don't want to give it away but it was 'A walk in the park' for Paul Mcbeth and seemingly Paige Pierce this week at the Memorial. We also look into the not so distant future at the Waco Annual Charity Open Presented by Dynamic Discs in Waco Texas. We talk picks and who's going to be in the number 1 spots for the men and women at the end of the week. Will Ricky come back and win? Will Paige continue to dominate? Check out the coverage provided by the Disc Golf Pro Tour starting Thursday March 16th. And rejoin us next week for the Waco Recap.

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Episode 6 - GCC Recap & Memorial Championship Picks w/ Jake Lauber

February 28, 2017

Jake Lauber joins me as we discuss the results from last week's Gentleman's Club Challenge. We break down who was making a break and who let off the gas coming to the exciting conclusion on Sunday. We also take a look at whats to come at the Memorial Championship in Arizona starting tomorrow (Wed 3/1/17). I also announce that there will be a Discmania S-Line CD Craze put on the line for the winner of the 'PnARadioPickers' league on skipace.com following the memorial. Get your picks in and the picker with the most points from the Memorial will take home the Craze!

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