Episode 25 - Tom Hudson, 515 Vape and Disc Golf

May 20, 2018
Finally got some time to head over to 515 Vape and Disc Golf for some 1 on 1 time with Tom Hudson, Co-Owner of the shop, to talk about how he made the transition from cigarettes to vaping and from there to disc golfing and finally opening a store of my dreams, a disc and vape shop. It's a one stop shop for all things vape and disc and I love it. Check it out in real life at 7600 University Ave in Clive or stay virtual and hit them up on Facebook where they're always posting new arrivals, contests, and tons of other stuff. 
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Episode 24 - Joe Pohl, DMDGC League Director Extraordinaire

January 28, 2018
We’re continuing season 2 with another of the Des Moines Disc Golf Club’s finest, the League Director and disc wizard, Joe Pohl.
What’s up! I’m back after a couple weeks off. The whole family has had the flu in the last couple weeks so I havent been able to record but we’re all fresh, the house has been disinfected and I finally got a chance to sit down with Joe Pohl. Joe’s currently the League Director at the Des Moines disc golf club and does a hell of a good job taking names and tallying points at the Tuesday night league. You’ve probably seen his unique cart or his wicked forehand putter shots but you might not know that Joe has been in the army, across the world and through hell and back and he’s got a ton of stories to tell so join me in welcoming him to the show.
Been wanting to get Joe on for a while now. He’s an endless book of stories so if you run into him anywhere definitely say hi and be his friend. Most of you already know and love him, he’s a super nice dude. Again check out the Des Moines disc golf league where you’ll find Joe holding it down. You’ll be able to find all the information on that at the DMDGC Facebook page. While you’re on Facebook check out the PnA Radio Facebook page where you can keep up to date on the podcast as well as ask questions for future guests. There’s a twitter account for the podcast if you’re into that. If you don’t like social media but want to support the show hit up the Patreon page to donate a couple bucks every month. Every dollar helps me out and keeps the podcast up and running. Gotta pay for the Himalayan salt lamps somehow! But that’s it for this episode. I’ll be back soon to bring cool disc golf stories to your ears. Until then you’ve been listening to putt and approach radio and I’ve been Connor. We’ll see you on the other side.
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Episode 23 - Nate Mickelson, Des Moines Disc Golf President

January 7, 2018

Welcome back I hope everyone had a great holiday season. I took a few weeks off to enjoy the holidays but Im back for what I’m calling season 2. 2017 was my first year with this podcast and it consisted of 22 episodes and a bonus episode with Nemmers and it was a great year. This year I’m hoping to be much more consistent and get closer to that 52 episodes mark. But 2018 kicks off over here at PnA Radio with Nate Mickelson, the current president of the Des Moines Disc Golf Club. He’s on today to let you all know what the club has planned for this year.

He’s gonna drop some dates for tournaments as well as some other events around the metro so head over to the Des Moines Disc Golf Club’s facebook page to get more info on all that stuff. Those links and others will be in the description of this podcast. If you don’t know where to find the description or show notes in your podcast app then I’ll try to do a better job of posting all those links and information on the podcast’s facebook page slash group. But enough of that for now. Let’s hear what Nate has to say about the club and his background as a board member…

These podcasts keep getting longer. I never meant for this podcast to be as long as its turned out to be but I enjoy the conversation and getting to know all these guests a little better. I’d love to hear what you think though. Should I keep them shorter? An hour? Half and hour? Let me know. Ill through something up on the facebook page so keep an eye out for that (Click here to go to that post). But what a great episode with Nate. I thoroughly enjoyed talking to him during and after the show. I think we can all get behind helping the club out whether it be playing their events, volunteering some hours to course work or even just signing up to be a club member. The courses in the area wouldnt be here if it wasnt for the club and they definitely wouldnt look as nice as they do without them. So I’m extremely appreciative of them and I’ll definitely be getting my membership this year even if I’m not able to play the league as much as I’d like and I suggest you do the same so we can keep disc golf growing. Nate and the other board members put a lot of work into making disc golf what it is in Des Moines and I think we can help them out. If you’re interested then like I said at the top of the show check out their facebook page. That’s probably the easiest way to get ahold of them otherwise there’s a website (I lied... the webiste is no longer in use) that Ill link to or just stop out at league night starting in April every tuesday. Definitely support the club.

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I’ve been Connor Kisling and thanks for listening to Putt and Approach Radio.            


Episode 22 - Inside The Mind Of Kurt Conrad

December 10, 2017

Thanks for coming back for another episode of Putt and Approach Radio. Really appreciate all you guys and gals that check out the show each week. I hope you enjoy listening as much as I enjoy recording. This week I got to spend a little bit of time with Kurt Conrad over skype getting his thoughts on the new PDGA rule book and some of its biggest rule changes. We get a little side tracked here and there and nearly run out of hard drive space to record the show. So if the end seems a little abrupt it’s my fault for not alotting enough space to record the rantings of Kurt Conrad. With that being said it was tons of fun to talk to Kurt, always is. We did hit on some of the big rules changes like the new lie and foot fault rules and if you submitted a question on facebook hang in there. We got to those towards the end of the show. Before we begin I want to let you know that there was another set of changes to the new rules that came out a day after we recorded the podcast so instead of recording a whole new episode I figured I’d just try my best to correct those at the end of the show. Its a crazy ride but well worth it. Take a listen!

Like I said in the intro I'm going to address the rules that the PDGA have gone back through and changed for the 2018 season. Let me just read rule 1.10 A which has been suspended for 2018. “Any player accepting cash in a Pro division at a PDGA sanctioned event (except leagues) must be a current Pro-Class PDGA member. If they are not a current Pro Class PDGA member, and wish to accept cash, the membership fee for either their new Pro membership, upgraded membership (if a current amateur), or renewed Pro membership is taken out of their winnings by the TD and forwarded to the PDGA”

So what the PDGA has done instead is give the option for an Amatuer playing a pro division to take a trophy if they don’t want to take cash. This will cause the pay outs to move down 1 place. 2nd place gets first place cash and add a cashing place at the end. I think this is a pretty interesting change and I’m glad the PDGA is actually listening to it’s players about rules changes. I’d be curious to see if they go back and unsuspend the original rule in future years. I don’t know. Tell me what you think.

I want to thank Kurt again for coming on and as always enlightening me about some rules and sharing some general disc golf knowledge. If you enjoy hearing from Kurt check out episodes 13 and 15 with him. Before I go I’ve got to remind everyone that there is a TeePublic store set up with a couple Putt and Approach Radio Logos that you can have put on shirts, bags, mugs and tons of other cool items. It’d be really cool to see you listeners support the show by wearing one of my TeePublic shirts on the course. If you’re interested in that, I’ll drop a link in the description. Also if you like the show there’s quite a few different ways to keep up on the PnA Radio action. If you’re on facebook there’s a facebook page as well as a group. Just search for Putt and Approach Radio and it should give you both options. I’ve also created a twitter @pnaradio where you can keep up to date on the podcast. If you’re more into behind the scenes videos and pictures then check out the instagram @puttandapproachradio. I try to post more than just fresh episodes to all these sites so keep an eye out. Often I’ll post about an upcoming guest asking for questions you might have for them. I think it’s a cool way to be involved with the show and often spurs some interesting topics. 

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But this has been a long winded podcast already so I’ll stop selling myself there and let you get on to the next podcast. Thanks for listening to Putt and Approach Radio. I’ve been Connor and I’ll catch you next week. 


Episode 21 - Jacob Sanders 2018 Sponsorship Announcement

December 3, 2017

Welcome back to another episode of your favorite disc golf podcast, Putt and Approach Radio.  Today’s episode contains some exciting news from the young gun Jacob Sanders, I won’t spoil the rest of the podcast but I will say he’s making a very unexpected move from an all Innova bag. If you don’t know who Jacob Sanders is then stop right here and jump back a few episodes to number 17 where we introduce Jacob for the first time. Go ahead. I’ll wait right here. untill you finish….
Alright now that you’re caught up with the Sanders story, we can get on with today’s show. So stick around to find out what manufacturer Jacob will replace his innova aviars, rocs, firebirds and destrers with.

Well that wraps up another talk with Jacob Sanders. I love having him on and watching him progress through the sport so quickly.
You never know what he’ll do next and I hope to see him on the top in the next few years. But what do you think of this MVP take over? Like I said, it seems to me like MVP is making a move on the midwest in a big way. I like what Jacob said about what makes a player great, it’s not the arrow but the archer and I think he’s 100 percent correct on that.  I’m not extremely familiar with the MVP/ Axiom line but if things keep going the way they have been lately I may have to jump on the bandwagaon and try some over mold magic. If you’ve got an opinion on MVP’s recent sponsorship takeover headover to the facebook group that’s linked to the facebook page and let me know what you think. I’m also on twitter, so find me there, the handle is pnaradio. If you’re more into pictures and some behind the scene videos check out the instagram @puttandapproachradio.  
I try to stay up to date on all those platforms and I love hearing from you guys. If you’ve been wondering about getting some PnA Radio merch, your prayers have been answered. I recently threw together a TeePublic Store where you can get the PnA Radio logo on a t-shirt, sweatshirt, coffee mug, pillow and just about anything you can imagine. The shirts I’ve gotten from TeePublic have looked great and been super comfortable. Ill make sure to post a link in the show notes so you know where to find that. and finally I’ve gotta thank everyone who’s made this show possible, the guests as well as every person who’s downloaded the podcast in the last 10 or 11 months. I truly appreciate it.

If you liked what you heard today then head over to Patreon.com slash putt and approach radio and hit the ‘become a patron’ button. Patreon is a great place to support the show, and you can chose from a couple different payment teirs or enter in what ever amount you think the podcast is worth. There’s cool extras depending on what teir you select and every patron gets early access to all my episodes. So head over there and help the show grow.

But thats the end of today’s show. Next week I’ve got an extra long episode with Kurt Conrad. Our original intent was to hit on the big rules changed for the 2018 season but Kurt and I got a little carried away and well… youll just have to tune in next week. Thanks for listening this has been putt and approach radio. I’m Connor and I’ll see you next week!


Episode 20 - Jake Lauber’s on the Off Season

November 19, 2017
Welcome to Putt and Approach Radio, episode 20. I’m Connor Kisling and I’ll be joined by Jake Lauber to find out what he’ll be doing during the midwest disc golf off season.
Thanks for coming back for another installment of Putt and Aporoach Radio, the best disc golf podcast in Iowa. The voice you heard over the intro music just now was my good friend Jacob who also happens to be a Patreon patron. If you want to record an intro for the show like jacob did then head over to Patreon.com/puttandapproachradio and donate at the ‘Par’ level. 
On today’s show I asked local pro Jake Lauber what he does over the frigid winter months and whether of not he thinks strapping on a pair of boots and throwing on your thickest winter coat to play some disc golf in the snow will help you get ahead of the fair weather competitors. Jake has been on a few times before and like always he brings us some good tips on how to play and train like a pro. Today he’ll share some advice for staying limber while you patiently await warmer weather. 
I’m sure we’re all dreaming of moving towards the equator so we can play year round right now but what do you think? Are you going to strap on and bundle up for some golf or are you going to stay indoors and hit the gym to train that core during the worst months of the year? I think Jake made some good points for staying indoors during the cold snowy months but we’re not all professionals and most, if not all, of us play for the enjoyment of the disc. Personally I think a good medium would work for the average disc golfer like myself and I don’t think you’re a midwest disc golfer until you’ve played a round in a foot of snow with ribbon taped to the top of your disc. And as far as putting goes I’ll be hitting the practice basket in my hall as well as trying to make the indoor putting leagues that Jason Bock and the Lauber's over at Bike World put on. Both are extremely fun and a great way to continue to enjoy disc golf while honing your skills over the winter. But I wanna know what you’re doing this “off season” so head over to the Facebook group for Putt and Approach Radio and let me know. I also mentioned the AGL cyprese which I’ve yet to throw so I may do some field work with it and either make a video or post an audio review so you know what I think. Plus I’ll let you know a little bit about the AGL disc golf company. But that’s it for today’s show. I’m hoping to be back next week with another guest so make sure to subscribe to the show in your favorite podcasting app or check out the shows Facebook page and group, Twitter or Instagram for updates on what’s going on with the podcast. I’ve been Connor Kisling and you’ve been listening to Putt and Approach Radio now go stock up on hand warmers and long johns because it’s going to be a long winter.
Thanks for Listening!

Epiosde 19 - Matt Nemmers Disc Golf Leagues

November 1, 2017

Thanks for joining me again today on Putt and Approach Radio. I’ve got my first in studio guest, Matt Nemmers, to talk about about disc golf leagues. How to start one, how to run one, and how to keep people coming back. A lot of great stuff from Nemz, but I do want to warn you that being a sailor he does cuss like one. So there’s your disclaimer. If you don’t like cussing then sorry but you don’t want to miss this episode especially if you think running a league is in your future. So put on your earmuffs and enter into the dirty mind of Matt Nemmers with me today on the show. 

If you didn’t know, Matt writes some pretty cool Facebook notes. They’re really well written and they’re all about disc golf. But thanks for coming on the show Nemmers, really appreciate you taking time out of your busy, limited Navy days to come talk to me about leagues.

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Thanks for listening to the show, I’ve been Connor Kisling and I’ll catch you next time on Putt and Approach Radio.   


BONUS - DG Nemz Facebook Questions

October 22, 2017

Welcome to Putt and Approach Radio, I'm your hose Connor Kisling. Today's episode is a little different than normal. I had on Matt Nemmers, better known on facebook as DG Nemz. We went a little bit over the usual hour so due to my restrictions from my podcast host I won't be able to release the whole episode until after the first of November. But, I did want to get something up for all you guys. So what you're about to hear is the second half of the show where Nemmers answers all of your facebook questions. Before we get into that I want to remind everyone that before I record with every guest I post on the facebook page giving you the opportunity to post questions for that weeks guest. So keep your eyes out for those posts on facebook.com/PuttandApproachRadio.

The full episode is available to patrons. If you're not a patron then head over to Patreon.com/Puttandapproachradio and donate a dollar or more a month to get early access to the full episode with Matt Nemmers where he talks about disc golf leagues and what makes his 515 League so successful.

Thanks for listening to Putt and Approach Radio.


Episode 18 - Kati Meyers Snap Queen

October 15, 2017
Welcome back to Putt and Approach Radio. On this episode I'm joined by Kati Meyers, the secretary for the Des Moines Disc Golf Club and, along with Kyle and Mindy Schultz, created the Juniors for Becky Zalleck Disc Golf Tournament that saw huge growth this year. I'll talk to her about how both of those things came to light and as usual how she got into disc golf to begin with.  She's got some cool things to share and she might spill some top secret disc golf news with us. Check it out on this episode of Putt and Approach Radio.
If you want your questions answered on air by guests of the show make sure to follow the Facebook page at facebook.com/puttandapproachradio where I'll make posts for you to ask questions to future guests to be asked on the show. The facebook page is also a great place to find out what else is new for Putt and Approach Radio.
In addition to the Facebook page, I have created an instagram account for the show, @puttandapproachradio, so make sure to check that out and tag the show in all your cool disc golf photos especially if they involve growing the sport. 
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Thanks for listening and supporting the show, next week I plan to sit down with the 515 League man himself, Mr. Matt Nemmers.

Episode 17 - Jacob Sanders And His Mane

October 9, 2017

Thanks for coming back for another episode of Putt and Approach Radio. If this is your first time thanks for checking out the show. Got another great guest in Jacob Sanders. Had a great time with Jacob today; got to learn about a lot about him. We had a ton of questions submited on facebook so keep your eyes out for those posts to get your questions answered on air. Jacob answered all those questions as well as shared his beginings and his short career to becoming one of the best disc golfers in the area. If you don't know Jacob you will by the end of the show.

Catch Jacob at a course near you where he'll be shredding it and throwing 5 times further than you. Make sure to keep your eyes out for this kid. He's got a big heart for getting kids into the sport and will continue to help his younger teammates in Gannon Buhr and David O'Meara (who honestly don't need much help...)

Be sure to support Jacob's sponsor Iron Lion by stopping by the shop out by Grandview Disc Golf Course in Des Moines. If you haven't make sure to check out episode 16 with the owner of that shop.

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